This month long online course had been developed as a program to explore a variety of painting and mark making techniques. Combinations of colours and styles are explored through the medium of collage. The main projects are built around different colour moods and specific adaptations to create a variety of outcomes.  different painting and mark making techniques. Flower Collage is a course developed to inspire artists and designers alike.


Flowers are the perfect subject to explore creative styles and by using paper collage as medium it allows one to be brave with colour combinations and experimentation with paint techniques.

Basic List
  • Golden HIGH FLOW acrylic paint 2oz (30ml) basic set of ten opaque colours. Please note, not FLUID paint, it needs to be High Flow, since it behaves more like an ink.

  • Alternatively if GOLDEN High flow is not available use acrylic inks such as FW or Liquitex acrylic ink similar to four colours mentioned. Regular acrylic paint is NOT suitable for this course.

  • Golden Matte painting medium 237ml

  • Deli paper, one box, 10”x10” (I use Logan (senior size) a US brand, available on Amazon)

  • Alternatively, White archival tissue paper 12 large sheets, Paperchase or Amazon should stock them.

  • Sketchbook: Cartridge or watercolour paper size large, paper should be suitable for water-based medium. (I recommend Moleskine A4 watercolour)

  • Thick (300gm) quality watercolour sheets x12 or watercolour paper block size A3 or larger, around 12”x16” I use Arches Aquarelle blocks.

  • Cartridge paper large sheets, or large sketchbook for drawing.

  • Paintbrushes: Watercolour or soft nylon brushes suitable for acrylic,

  • Fine point, medium size,

  • Fan brush (soft not bristle)

  • Flat, large size, (less than an inch)

  • Comb brush medium size,

  • Angled, Dagger or Sword brush, medium

  • Old toothbrush or stencil brush

  • Carbon copy paper black x 5-10 sheets (use NEW WAXED based ones as they lose intensity with use)

  • DO NOT GET GRAPHITE OR TRANSFER PAPER. Look for old fashioned Carbon paper.

  • General art materials: Graphite pencils, felt tip pen (sharpie) and a few black Pigment ink fine liners,

  • Masking tape,

  • Pen sized craft knife, (not too big) optional, rotary cutter and cutting matt.

  • Regular colour pencils, nothing special needed, include white and black.

  • Derwent Inktense pencil, Carbon Black (just one pencil needed)

  • Dip pen with own choice of nibs (for dipping into ink to draw)

  • White gel pen, (Sakura white gel pen)

  • Interior or fashion magazine

  • Balloon and inner cardboard roll for loo paper or kitchen paper roll.

  • OPTIONAL: A rotary cutter, like the ones used for quilting, size 18mm or 28mm is best. If you buy this, use a cutting mat, the green self healing kind, for cutting on.

  • A large white padded bubble wrap plastic envelope. Search 'mail lite' to see a suitable brand.


I recommend buying the GOLDEN High Flow set of 10 colours (opaque). Note, not the drawing set. The one with the basic colours plus magenta,green, pthalo blue and Azo gold. Colour is central to this course, and the set is ideal to develop the full spectrum of colours to be used for the four bigger projects.​


Most art materials are available from Jacksons’ Art  and  Ken Bromley in the UK, they also ship abroad. In the United States the supplier is Dick BlickPlease get in touch if you are stuck with regards to supplies. Golden Acrylic paints has a store locator.


Flower Collage is a brand new course developed by Este MacLeod. The course materials will be published on Explore via a password-protected page. There is a closed Facebook group page to aid communication, outcomes of the projects can be posted; it is for general networking and the place where feedback will be offered.

Cost of Explore Colour: Flower Collage is £195. All course material is copyrighted,

To register and pay for Flower Collage, please click here for additional information and a link to PayPal.

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