Due to numerous requests, my Explore Colour: Flower Collage online art course that launched this Autumn will be repeated in March 2019. The theme is flowers and the medium is paper collage. 

Flower Collage

Flowers have been the inspiration for artists and designers across most cultures and in many mediums for millennia. This classic topic is used in so many different ways in art and surface decoration.

Flowers and botanical shapes are the perfect subjects to explore forms creatively and expand art practices. By using paper collage as material, it allows one to be brave with colour combinations and experimentations.

The course’s four main projects are built around trending colour moods and are influenced by art styles, movements and artists. The aim is to create a variety of collage artworks incorporating painting, layering and experimental art techniques.

Flowers in art and design

Flowers have been adapted in many ways and trends, and have never gone out of fashion in application as surface decoration. There are  many ways to incorporate the vast array of flower shapes - they are a fantastic resource to develop imaginary florals and suitable for individual expression of forms, marks and colour. 

In my own art, flowers and botanical shapes feature in still life, landscape and floral fantasy paintings. I am a full time artist and designer with a background in textile design. My paintings are often adapted and used as surface pattern decoration for interior markets as well as accessories, in print publications, on textiles and general gift markets.

Why collage as an art course?

In my previous Explore Colour: Still Life courses I incorporated collage mini-projects in preparation for the bigger painting projects.


I saw the potential of this creative process: it is suitable to try new colour combinations, layering as well as experimenting with compositions. There is much more to discover and expand on with this freeing method of creating. This course combines a variety of painting and layering techniques, and explore alternative ways to incorporate drawings and expressive marks in collage.

How will the course work?

Flower Collage will run from 4 March to 31 March 2019. The course materials will be available in dedicated page on this website, with a closed Facebook group as a classroom space for posting of work and obtaining feedback. 


Different modules will be released over four weeks on the dedicated page. Prerecorded videos demonstrate the processes and can be viewed during the course and for six weeks after it ends. I will also be presenting four one hour live demonstrations (4 x 1 hour) over the weekends.

The course's mini-projects are there to show different processes and form the components to be used in combination for the bigger collage projects. The larger projects have been developed around specific artistic styles, techniques and colour combinations.

Who is the course aimed at?

Flower Collage is a course developed to inspire artists and designers alike. It is suitable for professional artists as well as beginners.

What materials will be used?

There is a list of materials available on this website. The direct link is here.

Can I share work created on the course?

Yes. This course is intended as a portfolio builder and aims to develop skills and knowledge of materials.


Flower Collage costs £195.


Places will be limited to 100 students, course registration will close on 28 February or when all the places are filled


Feedback from 'Flower Collage', Autumn 2018


So many resources, techniques and inspiration to revisit and explore. Your own art is beautiful and I very much admire it, however, your additional gift, for me, is your ability to explain, demonstrate and really teach through this medium. I could waffle on all day but really just wanted to say how much I appreciate this experience. S.T.

You're a generous and talented teacher/artist Este. I appreciate you so much. Thanks for all of this time and information. I just love playing, learning more and more and being inspired by you and others in our course Facebook group. L W.

Thank you for this amazing course bursting with so many creative ideas, new skills and so so much beauty. You truly are amazing both as an artist and as an instructor. Thanks so much!! E.B.

Thanks for sharing wonderful new techniques and ideas. With this course and the one before, I have gained confidence in what I make and made more time for my art. You are a constant source of inspiration. C.P.

Thank you Este. As always your online course has been fantastic. You definitely plan and present an extremely thorough course. So much goes into each one... So many fun activities, so many great ideas! J.P.

Thank you Este for such a wonderful class. I learned so much...not only about collage...color mixing, design....even to let my imagination run wild to make flowers from the letter of the alphabet! Your course was clear and easy to follow, with each step building on the one before it. I look forward to taking other classes from you in the future. D.L.

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