The focus of this course is on drawing and developing observation through 26 mini project rather than colour or painting, but you can incorporate colour as you see fit. I am using only four GOLDEN High flow colours (an acrylic ink) for all the projects and a Moleskine large A4 water colour paper sketchbook

The mini projects can be downloaded and done at a later date.


The course can be done on different levels. An important note: A sketchbook with basic drawing materials and acrylic inks or water colour paints might be enough if you would like do concentrate on quicker daily drawings. 

Basic List
  • Acrylic ink such as Golden High flow acrylic paint 1oz (30ml) containers 1x carbon black, 1x white, 1x Pthalo blue (green shade) 1x Nickel Azo Golden OR Nickel Azo Gold

  • Alternatively if GOLDEN High flow is not available, use general watercolours or acrylic inks such as FW or Liquitex acrylic ink similar to four colours mentioned.

  • Sketchbook: Cartridge or watercolour paper size large. (I recommend Moleskine A4 watercolour)

  • Additional thick (300gm) watercolour sheets (x2) or medium sized pad A3 or larger.

  • Cartridge paper large sheets, 2-4 for drawing

  • Paintbrushes: fine point, fan and flat used for water colour or acrylic

  • Carbon copy paper black x 4 sheets (use new waxed based ones as they lose intensity with use)

  • General art materials: Graphite pencils, felt tip pen (sharpie) and a few black pigment ink fine liners, masking tape, craft knife, (not too big)

  • A basic watercolour set, Winsor’s Cottman is good. I use Golden QoR watercolours.

  • 1x Derwent Black inktense pencil or similar water soluble aquarelle pencil

  • Optional: Dip pen with own choice of nibs (for dipping into ink to draw)

  • White regular acrylic paint or white gesso, small container.

  • White issue paper (wet strength) x 4-6 large sheets, Deli paper will also work well.

  • Magazine, any kind.

  • A small box of matches (as used for starting fires).

  • Kitchen roll tube or loo roll inner tube.


Additional materials required for the weekend projects:

  • Golden Matte painting medium 237ml

  • Golden Hard Molding paste 237ml

  • 1x Ampersand 8x8" Clayboard.

  • A basic set of Lino cutting tools

  • 1x 10x10" OR  12"x12" wooden board suitable for painting, Plywood or Ampersand cradle board etc.

If you would like to explore colours I recommend buying the GOLDEN High Flow set of 10 colours (opaque).

The four colours mentioned on the basic list are included in this set.


Most art materials are available from Jacksons’ Art  and  Ken Bromley in the UK, they also ship abroad. In the United States the supplier is Dick Blick


Creative Leap 2018 is a follow up from the first one that was created in 2016. Twenty-six new mini projects, linked to the alphabet will be released over the month of February. On a daily basis a new project will be published on Explore Colour via a password protected page.  There is a closed Facebook group page to aid communication, where outcomes of the projects can be posted, general networking and where Este will be posting live demos over the weekends.


The basic focus of this course will be concentrated on simpler and basic drawings using handwriting and letter shapes to explore creativity in alternative ways.

The optional weekend projects are in addition to the basic course of mini projects. The materials that are required for these projects are in the list above. The live demos can be viewed as recorded videos in the Facebook Creative Leap group page afterwards.

We all have busy lives and various commitments. Daily participation, even if it is just a quick drawing in your sketchbook, might be enough during July. You can always come back and do mini projects in more detail. Projects can be expanded or joined up, and the hope is that you will find some new inspiration and ways to expand your own unique creative voice.


Cost of Creative Leap is £125 (early bird discount of £85)

All course material is copyrighted and the twenty-six mini projects can be downloaded for personal use. No sharing of course material outcomes.

To register and pay for Creative Leap, please click here for a link to PayPal.