Creative Leap


Hello and very welcome to this new e-course. I am really excited about this little creative journey, an arty adventure about to begin.


Some information on what you can expect: This month long course consists of twenty six daily assignments designed to nudge, nurture and embolden your creativity. Bite sized projects created to entice the exploration of new ideas and options with prompts to challenge and guide you along. The alphabet and handwriting are used as links to all kinds of topics. Key elements in this course are observing and drawing.

It is designed to expand concepts of thinking and exploring creative options. Some of the assignments are very simple, others a bit more elaborate. These can be done in a sketchbook or you could make it more challenging by doing them on watercolour paper with paint.

In addition to the 26 mini projects, Este MacLeod will be offering 4 hour long live demonstrations of bigger art projects. The live sessions will alternate weekly between 10 am and 4pm BST to accommodate different world time zones. The live sessions in the Facebook classroom will be posted for viewing afterwards as well.


Content and topics in a nutshell

  • It is suitable for artists and designers of all levels and experience.

  • Cultivating curiosity: Some projects’ aim are to challenge the way we perceive our surroundings, inviting and encouraging us to see with new eyes.

  • Observe and discover: Looking at ways to make the mundane more magical and find inspiration in the everyday.

  • Mark making and drawing: Exploring alternative ways to use handwriting, letters, words and symbols

The course’s main aim is to aid personal artistic development and encourages experimentation on different levels. To aid communication and to share work, a Facebook group will act as an integral part of the course in the form of a virtual Creative Leap classroom