Join this 14 Day creative challenge in April. I’ve come up with a list of words to be used as prompts to create artworks and to inspire people to join in.


The list ties in with some recognised days of the year and I'll explain the reasoning for using the particular words. Here’s the full list of prompts from 1-14 April

  1. Plant: The 1st Wednesday in April is Day Of Hope. Plants are a beautiful symbol of rebirth and life.

  2. Princess and Pea: This well known children’s story was written by Hans Christian Andersen whose birthday is today.

  3. Party Hat: Officially Party Day, so a good excuse to draw a flamboyant party hat or make one from paper. Have a little party while you are at it. 

  4. Posy: Draw some flowers!

  5. Pollinator: Those little creatures, vital in our food chain. Draw some Bees and Butterflies

  6. Popcorn: For official Popcorn Day! Make some popcorn, watch a movie, or use it to inspire an artwork. What will you discover in those shapes?

  7. Peacock: Just because they are so flamboyantly beautiful with their exotic plumage.

  8. Pink: Officially Day of Pink or Anti-Bullying Day. Wear pink and draw or paint in something using pink as a colour. 

  9. People: Who will you draw? 

  10. Pisanki: Easter eggs originated from this ancient custom of painting eggs during springtime. Pisanki is the Polish term for painting or writing. Have a look at some examples here. Paint some eggs, or use these designs to inspire patterns and doodles. 

  11. Pet: It is officially Pet Day on 11 April. Celebrate your furry friend by making a painting of him or her. Be it a pug, poodle, parrot, pussycat or other special animal in your life. Even a pony.

  12. Pig: Just because they're quite cute.

  13. Print: Use this technique to create some art, or maybe adapt letter type and fonts in a collage artwork 

  14. Petit Portrait: Make an artwork of someone going about their daily life, or a portrait. Maybe a self portrait?

In addition to posts on Instagram of fresh artworks made with the prompts as inspiration, there will be live demos and posts of time lapse artworks developing. 


There are giveaways coming up: giftvouchers, art materials, limited edition prints, small original paintings and products. Keep a lookout on Instagram!


Follow myself and three other professional artist as we do daily posts and demos linked to this project this coming month.

1st April

For those with time on their hands, and others who are not so keen to draw or paint here's a downloadable sheet that you can print them out and use to create collages based on the fourteen prompts.

I’m also adding a downloadable plant drawing made from the word #aprillustration. You are welcome to colour this in or adapt as a collage as well.

Please note, the copyright of all downloadable art belongs to Este MacLeod, and is not to be used commercially or in as part of any artwork to be sold. It is for personal use only. If you share outcomes online please tag #estemacleod and #aprillustration. If you have questions, please email me.

5th April

Here's the links to #aprillustration collage sheets from today, here and here.